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In Touch Talks Business

Nov 15, 2018

In Episode two,  Amanda E Clarke talks to Mike Perls, CEO of leading communications firm MC2 and non-executive director about what makes a company thrive and how to create a successful boardroom.

Technology expert Terry Brock, reveals some top hacks to improve your productivity, champion sportswoman and business coach...

Oct 14, 2018

Announcing a new podcast from In Touch Networks where you can hear stories and gain insights from successful business people that will enhance your future career prospects.

In this first episode:

Technology expert and Hall of Fame speaker Terry Brock helps top executives like you “Overcome Overwhelmed”


Oct 2, 2018

Announcing a new podcast from In Touch Networks

In Touch Talks Business is filled with insights and stories from some of the top business coaches around to enhance your future prospects.


You’ll hear from a leading CEO, consultant or non-exec director as they share their keys to success and opinions on...